Life without social media

Those that know me, know very well of my love-hate relationship towards social media.

On the one hand, I love technology, I love meming and keeping up to date with current news. However, on the other hand, I certainly do not appreciate big data collection. That is why I quit Facebook and Twitter a couple of years ago. Nevertheless, Reddit was still my poison where I could engage with various subreddits that I enjoyed, they were places where I felt part of a community.

As I'm going through changes in my life, I started noticing it was just distracting me from my goals and aspiration. Furthermore, I would lose myself in conspiracy theories, things that I do believe are going on out there, but they are outside my control. Instead, I want to focus on what I can manage in my own life, focus on who and what truly is important in my journey through life.

So in light of this realization, I wrote down my final post to say goodbye and I locked myself out of my account by generating a new password which I would not save, logout from all sessions and remove the application from all my devices.

Day 1: Felt great to make a choice in life

Day 2: I told some of my friends about my decision, they were thrilled for me. I have good friends and I don't need social media to stay in touch.

Day 3: I do notice I keep grabbing my phone, going into the menu and looking for an application to open. "Shit, am I going through withdrawal?"

Day 4: Goddamnit, I can't sleep! My mind is racing and full of ideas. There's no escape of the endless confrontation with myself, I need to go out before I go out of my mind!

Day 5: "It'll get better, right? Right?!"

Day 6: Managed to keep myself busy by meeting with a friend, but the nights are hard though. However, it feels like, despite the turbulence, this is a change for the better.

Day 7: I'm grabbing my phone less and less to check for news or distractions.

Day 8: It's actually getting better, I'm here writing this post and last night was wonderful, filled with positive ideas of the future where I see many opportunities ahead. (Also: I moved, it was my first night in the new apartment YAY!!!)

In conclusion, as far as that's possible at this stage, I feel this has been a good move. I want to be more in touch with myself and the world around me, and for a large part, disconnecting helped me to reconnect. Now, I'm sure I'll be posting more on here now, documenting whatever I feel like but it's different. I'm no longer seeking validation but instead, I'm just writing down what I think and sending it out in the ether.

Godspeed my friends and take care,